Here you can find a short history of changes we've made in the past, and a roadmap of features to come.

Summer 2021
Allow removal of IPv4 address and IPv6 address through the update API.
Summer 2020
Add support for A records that adopts the zone's IPv4 address
Add support for SRV records
Add support for multiple records per record type
Spring 2020
Improve the /api/update endpoint to simultaneously update the IPv6 address of the zone and its IPv6 prefix for subdomains.
Winter 2019/20
Implement the Remote Access API
DNS: Add support for CAA records
Fall 2019
Unify different keys (SSH key, HTTP token)
Frontend: upgrade to Ruby on Rails 6
Add support for Dynamic DNS Updates to update IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of zones (RFC 2136)
Summer 2019
Add support for delegated domains
Winter 2018/19
SSH: Add support for labels starting with underscore like _acme-challenge.
SSH: Add support for deleting of records.
SSH: Fix synchronisation of nameservers after update of records.
Spring 2016
DNS: Add support for SPF and TXT records with up to 512 bytes of data.
Fall 2016
SSH: Public keys can be passed via URL parameter to dynv6.
SSH: Public keys can be restricted to a single host.
Domains: Add and as additional domains.
SSH: Updating of IPv4/IPv6 addresses implemented
SSH: Execution of commands without PTY implemented
October 2016
Relaunch of dynv6
Redundant setup with servers located in three different datacenters
IPSec for secure data transmission between servers
Frontend upgraded to Ruby On Rails 5
Backend reimplemented in Go
Caddy replaced Apache 2
Add changelog
Add dynv6 SSH shell with public key authentication (ed25519 and ecdsa)
Summer 2016
Hooks: Only call if address has been changed
Winter 2015/16
Remove beta from logo. We are stable now.
Fall 2015
Hooks: Add support for to update tunnel IP address
DNS: Add support for TXT records
Summer 2015
DNS: Add support for underscores (_) in DNS records
DNS: Add support for wildcard records (*
October 2014
Launch of dynv6 beta phase
Built on Ruby On Rails 4, PostgreSQL and PowerDNS
DNS: Initial support for A, AAAA, MX and CNAME records